For many, the term ,,IPTV " meanwhile no foreign word more and more and more households use IPTV. This is the cost factor for itself, but of course the diversity of channels. There must be an IPTV-enabled device, Of course, the connection to the Internet may not be missing, as this is "Internet TV".

Samsung removes Smart IPTV from the store.

Owners of a Samsung or LG Smart TV have been using the Smart IPTV app ever more frequently. Until recently, you could still download the app Smart IPTV on Samsung Smart TV's, but this is no longer possible. Since Samsung has taken these and various other apps from the store, whether Smart IPTV will be available again for Samsung devices is still unclear. However, if you still want to use the app, this can be installed via the Smart IPTV APK. This can be found on the website. In order to set up your device for Smart IPTV, you have to pay for the app once after the trial (7 days). The Smart IPTV costs amount to a single 5,49 € and this can be paid on the side of the Smart IPTV provider. The app is simple in handling and very user friendly.

Smart IPTV alternatives:


For many, the NetIPTV app should be easy to use, as it is built like Smart IPTV and is therefore very user friendly. The app has been on the market since 2016 and advertises with an 7-days trial. For the permanent activation of the app, the MAC address for a one-time 5,29 € must be unlocked.

IPTV Smarters:

The design of the IPTV Smarters app is very modern in comparison to SmartSTB. Extras include the recording function and the catch-up function for the stations. One can install the EPG with only one click, there is often searched for the function in other apps and the manufacturers of the app would like to avoid this. This simplifies everyday life for many households.


The structure of the SmartSTB app is similar to a classic MAG device. The app has a virtual MAC address (00: 1A ....) To find, this requires the IPTV provider. The design of the app is kept simple and makes use of very pleasant.

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