EnergyIPTV Web Player now available!

We have made it our mission to act customer-oriented. This also includes the possibilities to offer our customers another option to receive our service. For many it was hardly possible to use our service on a laptop / MacBook or with a PC to the full extent, since it often came to crashes of various apps. From now on the web player is available for our customers. You can use any device, provided it has an internet browser. The registration for the web player requires access data, which can be found in the M3U. Alternatively, our support team is available, because not everyone sees the access data right away.

What is a web player?

With the help of a web player you can also receive our service with an internet browser (eg Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.). This applies to the live stations, but also to the movies & TV series.

To the webplayer

For further questions our support is always available!

Contact: [Email protected]