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Setup under Smart IPTV

Install Smart IPTV on Smart TV


To use IPTV on your Smart TV, you must first Smart IPTV install on your device.

Smart IPTV can be from the official LG Appstore or from the official LG App Website be installed.

Smart IPTV can be installed from the official Samsung Appstore.
The app works with the following models:
2012 E / ES Series TVs
2013 F Series TVs
2014 H / HU Series TVs
2015 J / JU / JS Series TVs
2016 K / KU / KS Series TVs
2017 M / MU / Q Series TVs
2018 N / NU / Q Series TVs


Launch the app on your TV and make a note of your MAC address. Then call this website (click here) on.

Enter your MAC address Smart IPTV now in Form field (2) on. Then add the M3U address we received in Formulatfeld (3) and add a hack SAVE ONLINE (4), Then they put a hoes in the Captcha (5) and then confirm with the click SEND (6).

Now restart the Smart IPTV app and with successful setup you will now find a selection of all channels.

Have fun!

We would like to point out that Smart IPTV has caused many problems in the last few months. We recommend that you actively switch to an IPTV box when using our service. Our recommendation: Formuler z8

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