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Setup on Kodi

  • Step 1: "KODI" can operate eg under the following systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, Raspberry Pi and iOS.
  • Step 2: Install the latest version of "KODI" on your preferred system and open the program or app.
  • Step 3: Now you are in the main menu, at the top click on the gear icon.
  • Step 4: Then click on "PVR & Live TV settings". Then directly in the "General" tab click on "Clear data" and confirm this process.
  • Step 5: The same again in the "Guide" tab, and then go back to the main menu.
  • Step 6: Now click on "Add-ons", and then on "My add-ons".
  • Step 7: Open the "PVR Clients" tab, locate "PVR IPTV Simple Client" and install it.
  • Step 8: Activate the addon and click on "Configure". (Configure)
  • Step 9: At "M3U Play List URL", enter the URL we have sent.
  • Step 10: At "EPG Settings" under "XMLTV URL" you enter the EPG URL.
  • Step 11: Then restart "KODI".
  • Step 12: After restarting, click on TV in the main menu. "KODI" takes some time to deliver all channels.
  • Step 13: Done!



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